Thomas Friedman’s speech was very interesting. It made me think about many different situations and how they could drastically change overnight. Our world is definitely evolving. I think that it is changing in a positive way. We are a rapid growing society that uses an immense amount of technology on a daily basis. Thanks to technology we are now able to communicate with anyone, anywhere, within a matter of seconds. I believe that these growths will have an impact on everyone, but in education it will be tremendous. Students will be able to leave elementary school with more knowledge about computers than ever before.

So excited the day I got my MacBook Pro!
So excited the day I got my MacBook Pro…I was in college.

This week I am actually subbing for a 1st grade class. I came into the classroom and read through the sub plans and noticed that in the afternoon we were not going to the computer lab, but I was to take out a cart that was in the back of the classroom and hand out a chrome book to each student. I was amazed. When it was time to hand the laptops out the students knew exactly what to do. They opened them up and began to type in their user ID and password. I was waiting for 25 hands to go up asking for help and there was not one. These students are not afraid of technology. They were born into it. They will simply explore until they find what they are searching for.

1st grade technology!
       1st grade technology!
                     My first day subbing.

I definitely think globalization will affect me as a future teacher. Technology is constantly changing and I will need to be flexible to the changes and be willing to learn. I want to instill in my future students that even though we now have more ways of communication than ever before, it is still important to communicate face to face. With all the advances we have made people have lost the intimacy and importance of face to face contact. If you are interested in learning more I have included the link to preview/purchase Friedman’s book.


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