When you put children and technology together the possibilities are endless. Mitra proved that in his research. When I was first listening to Mitra speak I thought that his ideas were fantastic. He was traveling to different countries and placing computers literally into a hole in the wall and leaving them there. He would come back months later and see not only that children have learned to use them, but they have taught themselves English as well. With absolutely no instruction on how to work the device the children had taught themselves how to browse the internet, play games, and in some cases search google.

The Hole In The Wall

I spend a lot of my time on the campus of an elementary school. I am mostly in kindergarten and first grade classrooms. From personal experience I can say first hand that children are not intimated by technology the way some adults can be. I think that with all the technology we have today it is implied that students will be working with something more advanced than the previous generation. In the kindergarten class that I am in they have centers that they do everyday. There are six centers and they rotate every ten minutes. One of the centers is ipads. The students select one of the learning game apps on the ipad and begin learning immediately. It is one of their favorite centers because they have their own ipad and they are able to choose which ever game they wish. The classroom is evolving and Mitra wants teachers and future educators to be aware of that fact.

So much technology!
      So much technology! courtesy of  rachelscreativeclassroom.blogspot.com

The content of Mitra’s talks were incredibly informative. I thought that he took his research and experiments to a whole new level and it had a big impact on myself personally. I loved how he made the comment that the rich children were “smart,” but people were not thinking it was only because they are able to have access to resources other families aren’t able to have. By Mitra putting technology in places around the world where they have never even seen a computer before and are able to navigate their way around is amazing. I think it shows that children are eager to learn. Knowledge is power and power is technology. We as future educators need to do our part and make sure we are implementing technology in our classrooms to give our students a better future.

For more information I have posted a link to an article about Mitra and his research and experiments.



3 thoughts on “A Hole In The Wall

  1. Thanks for sharing! Often the rich are considered “smart” in countries where there is not equal access to information. The poor are immediately put at a disadvantage from this advantage. However, once children of all economic background are put together with the same resources you are able to


  2. sorry about my last post it cut off anyways what I was saying was that once children of all economic background are put together with the same resources everyone benefits from each other. That is the way future teachers should model their content.


  3. I completely agree with your statement that children aren’t as intimidated by technology as adults are. It’s amazing how intuitive technology is to the youngest generation and it still amazes me how present iPads are in the classroom. When I was in elementary school we were lucky to have 3 or 4 desktops for the whole class to share! I really enjoyed your thoughts on the videos, and the extra research article you posted. Thank you for sharing!


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