Project based learning is what needs to be happening in classrooms now. Right now in classrooms teachers and educators are still very test oriented. Students like myself do not thrive in that environment. I am a visual learner and I believe that if students participated in more PBL they would have a bigger chance to succeed.

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When I was in school there was a lot of memorization for test taking. I remember making a lot of flashcards and hoping that I could memorize all the information that was given to me. After I took the test I would wipe my brain clean of the information and in the long run it would not be beneficial to me at all.

Courtesy of whstatic
                   Courtesy of whstatic

After watching the video and reading the articles and learning more about Project based learning I think that it is a great method to use in the classroom. I love the three C’s critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. The three of those things are life tools that students will always need to have whether they are in the classroom or in their occupation. I love how PBL seems to deepen the students knowledge and give them a much bigger background on the topic itself. In the Article 8 Essentials for Project Based Learning there was a quote that suck out to me, “students find project work more meaningful if they conduct real inquiry.” I think that that statement is so true. Students are always asking why they need to learn certain things and if they are working with real life situations it can be more relevant to them. I think that if teachers and future educators can incorporate more PBL in their classrooms in the future it would have a positive impact. The only downfall with PBL is that it does not apply to every subject, all the time. There are still times when the old flashcard method is going to have to implemented, but being able to switch lessons up in the classroom will not only be refreshing to the students, but to the teacher as well.

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                                            Courtesy of peertutoringresource

4 thoughts on “PBL

  1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed how you incorporated your own experiences into this passage. It really makes the article have credibility when you are able to share those instances. I am in total agreement with you when you describe how critical the three C’s are to effectively teach. This allows our students to use different aspects to deepen their knowledge.


  2. I had some of the same issues in school as a fellow visual learner. I remember cramming for tests in high school and most of college. I may have passed the test and the class, but I can’t remember most of what I learned.

    The graphic comparing the processes of a traditional project and a PBL unit. It made it very easy to see the differences, and gives me a better idea of how I should design a PBL unit.


  3. Chelsie, I really appreciated your blog this week. You tied in your real life experiences as to how you learn. I’m in the same boat as you regarding test taking. I find it nerve-racking that we still test someone’s aptitude based on their ability to recall information. In reality, our brain cannot retain that information due to the lecture format of how the information is presented. That is the genius of PBL’s With PBL, students learn the information by doing. The term “Do as I say, not as I do” comes to my mind. How can learn by doing what someone says and not by doing what they do? It makes no sense. As educators, we need to revamp the way we teach in order to help our students effectively learn. Even as adults, we learn by being immersed in a project, by being hands on. You also brought out a point from one of the articles that had real depth and meaning. It makes you think critically as an educator if we really are providing our students with real, in depth subjects that require them to inquire.


  4. Love the post and I agree with you on how just test-taking cannot satisfy the learning styles of all students. However, as teachers, we need to find a balance between projects and tests. Not only just to judge how much the students are learning, but we are required to pass along certain knowledge, and since PBL’s can be time consuming, we have to resort to old fashioned lectures and tests to make sure we cover everything


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