As this class continues I find myself learning more and more about technology and what it offers. There is so much technology in the world and as educators it is important for us to learn how to apply it in the classroom. Right now chromebooks are being used in public school classrooms all over the world. Elementary school students are becoming more familiar with computers than adults are. In this day in age children are brought up in a world based around technology.  With the technology being more advanced than it ever has been lessons in the classroom are much different. Teachers are having to put their own twist on classic lessons. With technology such as Cloudware, group projects will never be the same.

Courtesy of Christian Ray
             Courtesy of Christian Ray

When I think of group projects from high school, I think of spending a whole weekend at a classmate’s house trying to compare ideas and finally settling on a final product. With Cloudware, students are able to stay in the comfort of their own home and work efficiently together. Students can log onto a single document and they all have the ability to add or edit the same one. It allows group work to become much more convenient than ever before. I think that teachers should introduce these types of programs much earlier so students are familiar with them before college. I considered myself to be fairly tech savy, until I started this class. I am reminded every week how much I actually do not know how to do. This class has opened my eyes to incredible programs such as Cloudware, that allow students to work together while not having to actually be with each other.  It allows students to work as a team and be able to allow proper collaboration. I am looking forward to introducing new and improved group assignments in my future classes.

Courtesy of cloudware-
        Courtesy of cloudware-

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