As we all know technology is growing at a rapid rate. As educators we are constantly trying to keep up with the advancements that are being made. I have recently been long term subbing in a first grade classroom and they use a program called Class Dojo. This system is new to me, but it seems to be incredibly effective. Class Dojo is a program that helps parents and teachers stay in contact. It also helps with behavior management. If the student is acting out in class the teacher can click on an icon and it immediately contacts the parents. If I mention Class Dojo to the class I sub in the students know that they need to be on task or their parents will know if they are not following directions the way they should be.

Courtesy of blogspot
                Courtesy of blogspot

The advantages of Class Dojo

  • immediate parent contact
  • students are aware of their behavior
  • class participation points are easily tracked

Disadvantages of Class Dojo

  • parents may be notified multiple times if student’s behavior changes throughout the day.
  • can become a distraction for some students
  • the internet is unreliable at times and Class Dojo is inaccessible at times

I have only used this program a couple of times. I have a lot more to learn and I need to do more research on it myself. From what I have seen this program has many more advantages than disadvantages. The students are well aware of what the program is capable of and they want their Dojo points for the day. Below is a link that will take you to more information about Class Dojo.


3 thoughts on “Cool Tools in the Classroom

  1. I have heard of Class Dojo before, but I haven’t really understood it before so I am grateful for your post! I think that it is becoming more and more popular. My little sister’s second grade teacher used it, and her mom’s main complaint is that the teacher doesn’t update it enough to make it effective. So if this tool were really to be used for its purpose, the teacher would have to actually update it daily so the parent is motivated to look at it and rely on it. She likes the message board, where the teacher can post wish lists, updates, reminders, and more to her students’ parents. You make a good point of a disadvantage, that if a child’s behavior changes a lot throughout the day and the teacher keeps it updated then the parents may receive multiple notifications throughout the day which is kind of annoying. Thank you for your post!


  2. I just wrote a comment on Linda Sanchez’s blog who also chose Class Dojo. I will copy and paste the bulk of the body here. . .

    Ah yes, I am familiar with ClassDojo! Although the teachers use the app I get a print-out of the weekly results in my kids’ folders each week. It’s a cute idea, but the characters appeal to the younger subset, I wish they made an “older” set. My 4th and 6th graders find the current Dojo “too babyish” and therefore they don’t take the whole app too seriously.

    A disadvantage: as a parent, I must admit ClassDojo is ANOTHER email, ANOTHER app, but that I don’t really pay close attention to it. I get invites from the teacher to join (and I may have, I am not even sure). For me, unless there is a significant behavioral problem in the classroom, my kid and teacher need to work out the classroom etiquette issues without me, and I don’t really need to be super involved for “too much talking.” If the problem is big enough that I do need to become involved, then a call or email beyond dojo is needed beyond the app, so for me as a parent, ClassDojo takes the backburner.


  3. Chelsie, thank you so much for discussing this educational tech tool. I did not even know about this. What a cool tool to help the teacher stay in touch with their student’s family. I think it would help the teacher’s stress in keeping contact with the parents. True it may take a few extra minutes on the teacher’s part in order to share a student’s day with their parents, but I think it is an awesome pacing tool. However, like you pointed out it may be more of a stressor to parents and student’s instead of a positive motivator. If a student is having a good day, it may be offset by Class Dojo since they are aware that their behavior has already been shared. With all things technology as well as chocolate, moderation is key. All good things need to be moderated and evenly scaled for progression to be made. Thank you again for sharing this cool tool.


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